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New Year, New Hobbies, New You

New Year, New Hobbies, New You in Cincinnati, OH | Eyecare on the Square Core in Cincinnati, OH

The start of a new year is always a good time to assess personal goals. One popular (as it should be!) resolution is becoming healthier! As an optometry office, we often see patients who prioritize their physical health, but forget about the importance of maintaining good eye health. Good vision is essential for daily activities such as driving, reading, and working on a computer, and regular eye exams can help catch issues early on before they become more serious. That’s why we recommend that all my patients make annual eye exams a priority in their overall health plan.

Annual eye exams are especially important for those with a family history of eye disease, as genetics can play a major role in the development of conditions such as glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. However, even if you don’t have a family history of eye disease, it’s still important to get your eyes checked regularly. Eye exams can detect issues such as cataracts, dry eye, and even diabetes.

We also use our eyes in all kinds of new ways. Many people spend a lot of time on screens these days, which often leads to tired eyes! That doesn’t have to be the case! We have new technologies to make your eyes feel comfortable. Let your glasses do all of the work for you, not your eyes!

If you’re starting the new year with a new hobby, let us tailor a specialty pair of frames for you. We can do sports goggles, swim goggles, prescription sunglasses, golfing glasses, and prescription safety glasses! This will complete the package and set you up for success.

The new year also often means new benefits to use! In addition to the medical benefits, annual eye exams are also an opportunity to update your glasses or contact lens prescription. If you already wear glasses or contacts, it’s important to have an updated prescription to ensure that you have the best vision possible.

A new pair of glasses can offer a number of benefits, both for your vision and your overall quality of life. First and foremost, a new pair of glasses can help improve your vision by providing you with a current and accurate prescription. Additionally, a new pair of glasses can also be a great opportunity to update your style and try out new frames that better suit your face shape and personal style. A new pair of glasses can also help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, making them a great option for outdoor activities. Overall, investing in a new pair of glasses can lead to better vision and a more enjoyable daily experience.

If you’re considering making the switch to glasses or contacts for the first time, an eye exam can help determine the best option for your needs.

In summary, annual eye exams are an important part of maintaining overall health and good vision. Don’t forget to schedule yours this year!

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