Myopia ReVision Program in Cincinnati, OH

Myopia ReVision Program

Myopia ReVision Program at Eyecare on the Square in Cincinnati, OH, is a specialized service designed to delay the progression of nearsightedness (myopia) in children and young adults.This cutting-edge treatment involves using specific optical strategies, such as specialized contact lenses or eyeglasses, and pharmaceutical interventions to manage and control myopia progression. Suitable for individuals experiencing a rapid increase in myopia, this service is particularly beneficial for children and teenagers whose eyes are still developing.

Typically, patients begin to observe a stabilization in their myopia progression within a few months of starting the treatment. The longevity of the results varies from person to person, but with consistent treatment and follow-up, the effects can be long-lasting. If you’re concerned about the increasing nearsightedness of you or your loved ones, don’t wait. Schedule an appointment with Eyecare on the Square today.

Benefits of Myopia ReVision Program



MiSight is an innovative vision rehabilitation solution designed as a soft contact lens to address children’s myopia progression (nearsightedness). MiSight 1 day® is an FDA-approved lens for children aged 8-12, slowing myopia progression and requiring 10-hour daily use, six days a week, as part of the Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program. Regular follow-ups, an accompanying app, and a year’s supply of lenses are included in the program to monitor and support the treatment’s effectiveness. Commitment to the wear schedule and consistent check-ups are vital for optimal results.


Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, is an advanced vision correction method that non-surgically corrects refractive errors using specially designed overnight lenses to reshape the cornea. This eliminates the daytime need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. Suitable for both adults and children with myopia or hyperopia, clear vision is typically achieved within 7-10 days. However, the effects are temporary, and discontinuation will revert the eyes to their original state. Regular follow-ups are essential for optimal results and corneal health monitoring.

Atropine Drops

Atropine drops have gained prominence in controlling myopia progression. While there are various methods to manage myopia, recent studies highlight the effectiveness of atropine, especially in concentrations of 0.01% to 0.05%. These concentrations slow nearsightedness without significantly affecting pupil size or near vision. Although the exact mechanism remains under study, its consistent results are evident. Some side effects, like photophobia, can occur but are manageable. Eyecare on the Square offers a comprehensive program for those considering this treatment.


Children and young adults experiencing a rapid increase in myopia are ideal candidates. Early intervention can yield the best results.

Typically, patients notice a stabilization in their myopia progression within a few months of starting the treatment.

The longevity of the results varies among individuals. With consistent treatment and regular follow-ups, the effects can be long-lasting.

Most patients experience minimal to no downtime. Side effects are rare but can include minor eye discomfort, which usually subsides quickly.

Before the treatment, a comprehensive eye examination is necessary to determine the best course of action. After the treatment, regular follow-ups and adherence to the prescribed regimen are crucial for optimal results.

Depending on the chosen method, you might be fitted with specialized contact lenses or eyeglasses. If pharmaceutical interventions are recommended, eye drops might be prescribed.Regular check-ups ensure the treatment is effective and tailored to the patient's needs.

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