Cataracts in Cincinnati, OH


Cataracts, especially prevalent as we age, are a common eye disorder in which the lens of the eye gradually becomes less transparent, adopting a yellowish and cloudy hue. This clouding can significantly affect one’s vision, making it hazy or less sharp. Glare from bright lights can also become increasingly problematic, making nighttime driving or looking at bright screens uncomfortable. The exact cause of cataracts can vary, but they are primarily associated with aging. In addition to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, diseases like diabetes, or eye injuries, can also contribute to their development.

While cataracts are often inevitable with age, there are steps one can take to slow their progression. In order to maintain good eye health, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Using sunglasses that block out harmful UV rays can provide essential eye protection. Avoiding smoking is also vital, as it has been linked to faster progression of cataracts. Maintaining a balanced blood sugar level can prevent complications, especially for those with diabetes, which increases the risk of cataracts. A vegetable-rich diet, particularly those high in antioxidants, can also be beneficial. Surgical options are available if cataracts do progress to the point where they significantly impair vision. During this procedure, the cloudy lens is replaced with an artificial one, restoring clearer vision.

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