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Got Dry Eye? There’s a Treatment for That.

Got Dry Eye There's a Treatment for That | Eyecare on the Square Core in Cincinnati, OH

The LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System, a cleared medical device for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), consists of a Console and a single-use sterile device, known as the Activator, and has a drug-free mechanism of action. Eye care professionals use the LipiFlow System to manage and treat dry eye.

The LipiFlow System represents more than 10 years of dedicated research and is protected by more

than 30 patents. A phased pressure profile with adaptive force equalization and proximal-to-distal peristaltic motion evacuates gland contents as the inner lid is gently heated.

The Science Behind LipiFlow

VTP uniquely applies heat and peristaltic motion to the eyelid to remove gland obstructions and stagnant gland content.

A vaulted design protects the cornea while multi-point sensors monitor and regulate heat and pressure throughout the treatment. This maximizes results and minimizes discomfort. Along with force equalization, the eye is protected from heat and pressure while a nominal therapeutic temperature of 42.5 degrees Celsius is applied directly to the inner eyelid where the glands are located, while protecting the eyelid or delicate structures of the globe.

Proprietary heating technology ensures precise temperature regulation with continuous feedback and consistent heat application to the meibomian glands. The insulated and vaulted design of the Activator protects the cornea from unsafe temperatures.

Intelligent pressure feedback loop sends pulsed sequences to expel blockages and stagnant material from the gland. The custom pressure sequence maximizes gland clearing while device design protects the eye from unnecessary intraocular pressure.

The LipiFlow Activator

Vaulted Cornea Shield

Insulation protects the cornea from exceeding a safe 39.5 degrees Celsius, while an intelligent pressure feedback loop sends pulsed sequences to expel blockage and stagnant material from the gland. The vaulted design protects the delicate structures of the eye from both heat and pressure.

Inflation Technology

Pressure sensors in the console ensure the application of safe levels of pressure.

Lid Warmer

Multiple redundant sensors within the lid warmer protect against unsafe temperatures.


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