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Discover the Causes and Solutions for Blurry Vision

Discover the Causes and Solution for Blurry Vision in Cincinnati, OH | Eyecare on the Square Core Services in Cincinnati, OH

It surprises many people to find out that blurry vision is one of the biggest symptoms of dry eye. 

Specifically, hallmarks are if your vision comes and goes, changes with blinking, or worses with computer use or at the end of the day.  We often hear our patients say that they can’t get stable clarity no matter what they try! That is because for the most crisp vision, we need an optimal tear film. 

The tear film in theory should coat the eye with a nice, smooth surface.  When you have dry eye, that surface is easily disrupted and cloudy.  It’s like looking through a dirty windshield.  Then if you are missing the oil portion of the tears, the tears evaporate very quickly. This is when blinking changes the clarity. 

Artificial tear drops usually don’t cut it.  There are so many tools in our toolbox to fix the root cause of this disease.  Check out our latest post, and of course always feel free to call the office with more questions!

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